LIGHTNING MAP – Live thunderstrom tracker radar

See live where the lightning storm is on a map anywhere in Europe and the world. See now where there is a storm and clouds that can bring stormy weather and even a storm. Although people are suggested to stay home or return as soon as possible when warning of storms, this is not always possible. Sometimes a storm can find you in the middle of nowhere. Especially the storm that is coming very quickly. Sometimes there is no time to think about what to do, which is why educating about it is so important. Not only about what to do, but also about what not to do under any circumstances during lightning strikes.

Lightning map

How to behave in a thunderstorm

Here are some helpful tips on what to do and what not to do during a storm:

  1. If you are driving a car – stop. Go to the parking lot, do not park under trees.
  2. If you are in a forest / park, leave immediately. Remember that trees are not only a threat of lightning, but also of being crushed by falling branches broken by the wind. Never take shelter under trees.
  3. If you are by the water, move away to another place. Water attracts lightning. The example of these scouts from last year shows that even they, supposedly scientists what to do in such a situation, did not know what to do. They fled the forest into the water. They had to run away from the forest, but the water wasn’t a good idea either. Nevertheless, the probability of being hit by a broken branch is more likely than being struck by lightning in the water. You could say that the children chose the lesser evil. In exceptional circumstances, you can afford it.
  4. If you are in an empty field, do not run away under any circumstances. Remember that lightning strikes the highest points. In such an empty place, where there is not even a tree or a pole, you become the highest point. If you’re also in motion, lightning can strike. It’s best to look for a depression, and if there isn’t one, wherever you go. Cover your head from the hail.
  5. Keep away from all metal things – handrails, railings, benches.
  6. The thunderstorm tracker on the phone will allow you to determine how the storm clouds move, where the rain is and more or less we will know how long you have to wait out the storm. The lightning map will show you where the lightning is.

These are just a few basic tips and safety rules, but they can even save your life. Especially if the storm catches you with your baby or dog, you must do everything possible to keep your baby or pet safe. The dog, afraid of lightning, may want to run away from you. If that happens, don’t run after him. Start looking for him after the storm. The main thing is not to panic.