Weather Radar

Weather radar forecast for today, tomorrow and next week. Current live synoptic maps and weather radars on RADAR24.

Check what the weather will be like tomorrow. Current weather forecast for today and tomorrow. Accurate hourly weather for every location in Europe. Check where it will be sunny tomorrow and whether it looks sunny in your area.

What weather is going to be tomorrow

Select a city from the map and view weather meteograms. See if there will be precipitation and what the temperature will be.
The interactive map simulates the weather forecast for the next hours. You can see how the clouds will move and whether lightning will occur. You can read the most important meteorological data from the map.

Weather radar

Accurate weather radar

The weather forecast for tomorrow is according to: the ECMWF model, which is currently the forecast with the highest verifiability.
A short-term forecast, i.e. for the next 24 hours and up to 3 days, is the most reliable weather information.

It is worth checking the weather forecast every day to get the most accurate data. Forecasting beyond 3 days is less accurate and verifiable.

Who is weather radar useful for?

Short-term forecasts, especially tomorrow’s weather, are important to many groups of people and economic sectors. It helps in planning and making everyday decisions, e.g. what to wear today or whether to organize an outdoor party.

  • The forecast for farmers influences the planning of work in the field so that crops are efficient and profitable.
  • In aviation, flight routes are planned thanks to the current forecast.
  • In the energy sector, it helps monitor renewable energy sources
  • Industry and trade use weather forecasts to appropriately adjust production and marketing activities
  • Daily data collection by scientists for climate research

Forecasting is an important activity nowadays, useful for many people. There is easy access to various forecasts on the Internet, TV or radio. Numerous weather maps and a range of data allow you to predict the weather with high accuracy. Virtually everyone talks about the weather and wonders what tomorrow will bring in the sky. Each change in weather conditions affects everyday life and decision-making based on what we see outside the window.